Galili Location


Location of Pliocene-aged paleoanthropological study areas in Afar State, Ethiopia.

GAL=Galili, MA=Middle Awash (Aramis), Go=Gona, H=Hadar, D=Dikika, LG=Ledi-Geraru, WM=Woranso-Mille

The Galili Paleobiology Project study area is the southernmost of the Pliocene-aged paleoanthropological localities in the Afar State of Ethiopia.  The majority of the fossil-rich deposits range in age between 3.9 and 4.4 Ma although there are fossiliferous deposits that are both older (up to about 5.2 Ma) and younger.  The Galili sediments accumulated near an active volcanic center so has a number of intercalated tuffs, basalts, and ignimbrites that have allowed a high resolution dating of the deposits.